In different language modes, Babylscript's keywords and standard library are encoded in the appropriate language. In the English language mode, Babylscript code is identical to normal JavaScript. Below are some of the language bindings that are available for Babylscript:

The above translations are generally not considered to be subject to copyright because they form a software API and because they consist of single words and short sentence fragments (which are not considered artistic expressions). So feel free to reuse these translations in making your own programming languages!

Help Translate

Did you notice any problems with the current translations? Would you like to add support for a new language? Please help!

We're always looking to improve the current translations and add new translations to Babylscript. We think it would be great if everybody in the world could write programs using their own native languages. If you are interested in helping with the translation process, please contact Ming-Yee Iu using the e-mail address "babylscript AT babylscript DOT com".

The bulk of the work involved in adding support for a new language to Babylscript is in creating translations for